Our Mission Statement

 Smarter Technologies LLC seeks to grow and deliver ripe same day picked vegetables and fruit to wholesalers and the public in an advanced controlled growing environment. The company specializes in the development of advanced greenhouse facilities utilizing developed technologies and production to provide environmentally sustainable, locally grown vegetable and fruit produce for the Northeast US Corridor daily, all year round.

We will begin by building approximately 100 acres of Greenhouse to hydroponically grow primarily tomatoes, but also lettuce, and assorted other vegetables and fruit produce items. We will be utilizing solar and other "Green" energy components to meet our energy needs. We plan to have at least 300 acres in production within 5 years, and expand to 1000 acres within 10 years.

The need for safe, secure, and fresh vegetables and fruit daily all year round has never been greater and we plan to deliver to our customers only the finest better then organic fresh produce. 

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Smarter Technologies

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